Add instant volume and length with our 100grams double weft clip in hair extensions in a full head set.

This Strawberry Blonde is the perfect match for light auburn and strawberry blonde hair colours. The blonde and strawberry shades combine with red and gold undertones to create this stunning colour. Feel more confident than ever with our handcrafted hair extensions.


Our unique multi-tonal colouring system means that even if you have a slightly different shade of hair our clip ins will still blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

  • Details

    Made of double-drawn real remy human hair, these hair extensions are 22" inches long and can be applied in under 3 minutes! These clip ins come with fabric stitched wefts with clips included. The clips have a thin silicone strip to provide maximum comfort and grip, and because they are the same colour as the hair are virtually invisible.

  • Free Worldwide Shipping

    We are excited to offer free worldwide shipping & 30 day returns! Wherever you are in the world*, we can deliver our luxury hair extensions at no extra cost. All Curly Vision extensions are shipped from London UK and sent using DHL Worldwide Express.

    There are no delivery charges and we ship all of our hair extensions using DHL Worldwide Express.

    DHL Express Worldwide service takes between 2 - 12 working days depending on your location. This may take longer if you live in a remote area (see Am I Living In A Remote Location? Section for more information).

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Add Instant Volume & Thickness In less than 5 minutes

Our unique clip in system makes adding thickness and volume effortless.

Watch how to easily install our extensions

About Hair Extensions

  • What are Curly Vision clip in hair extensions?

    Our clip in hair extensions add natural looking length and volume in minutes. We use 100% Remy-Anatolian virgin hair to guarantee a luxury, seamless finish.

  • Why should I choose Remy hair over other hair types?

    Remy is the finest quality human hair giving the most natural results. The hair is handpicked with the cuticles aligned in downward direction creating tangle-free, smooth, shiny and silky hair extensions. Curly Vision guarantees high-quality hair extensions with 100% Remy hair for the best results.

  • Which Curly Vision collection is best for me?

    Double Trouble has two wefts to provide half head coverage and subtle volume. Charlie’s Angels contains three wefts adding luxury thickness with full head coverage.

  • How do I choose the right colour?

    Select the colour closest to the lightest shade in your hair. Our multi-tonal hair means a slightly different shade still blends perfectly. Alternatively, use our Colour Match Service.

  • How long are your hair extensions?

    Our clip in hair extensions are 22 inches falling just below the chest. You can style them for many different looks and updo’s. If the extensions are too long, we advise speaking to a professional stylist who can cut them to your desired length.

  • Which weight is best for my hair?

    Double Trouble weighs 100 grams and suitable for thin or fine hair. Charlie’s Angels is 180 grams and designed for regular to thick hair.

  • Why don’t you have heavier weights?

    Heavier weights are not healthy and add extra stress to the hair and scalp. We are industry professionals with over 15 years of experience so we fully understand hair extensions. Professional salon extension services do not permit more that 180 grams of hair extensions and we follow the same guidelines.

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  • How long do Curly Vision extensions last?

    Our hair extensions usually last between six month and two years. The lifespan depends on accurate aftercare, using suitable products and the number of times you wear them.

  • Is it normal for the hair extensions to shed hairs?

    It is completely normal for clip in extensions to shed hairs. Proper maintenance and brushing will reduce the amount of hair loss.

  • Why do your clip ins contain 2 or 3 wefts??

    As industry professionals, we used our many years of experience to design and develop our unique system. We have worn the hair extensions ourselves and found that 2 or 3 wefts is the perfect amount to create the desired volume without damaging our real hair. Other benefits include quicker installation times and more affordable prices.

  • When can I wear the extensions?

    You can use our clip in hair extensions whenever you want! They are suitable for daily use or occasional wear.

  • How long do they take to put in?

    Curly Vision hair extensions are simple and quick to install, you can be ready in minutes.

  • When I wear the extensions, will my hair feel heavy?

    Initially, you will notice the extra weight but this quickly passes. Curly Vision hair extensions are designed in line with the highest industry standards and our expert knowledge. We carefully selected the weight so they are suitable for all hair types.

  • I have short hair, can I use Curly Vision hair extensions?

    We recommend at least shoulder length hair for the best results. If your hair is too short, it is difficult to create a seamless blend.

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